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Order form

Way of ordering - disc springs

In case of BW ordering, designation of following four values conforming is necessary:

D x d x t (t') x H

For ordering different spring´s types (other than disc springs) pls make use of contact form - blank (in fold contact information).
For order pls quote in text field as most as possible relevant data.

Diagram of the spring data for order

  • D = spring external diameter
  • d = spring internal diameter
  • t = material thickness
  • t´- Reduced thickness of spring ( only for DIN 2O93)
  • h = cone idle height of the load-free spring
  • H = load-free spring idle height (h + t)
  • S = deflection
  • F = load
  • Q = stress

The Disc Springs with atypical dimension may be produced according to the requirement of the customer as well.

Order form

* Bold, blue and starred items must be completed.

Parameters of screw spring

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Produce spiral springs (springs wound) formed by heat. Finish springs: blasting – shot peening, powdered paint shop, paints.