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GREWIS Co. produces hot-processed springs exclusively from spring steel.

Widespreadly assortment contains following springs:

The production of springs - hot forming

The springs are completely hot - processed, jetted (by shot peening) and consecutively tested pursuant to ČSN EN ISO.

The production of springs - hot forming

Spring´s utilization:

  • Metallurgy - mining and production engineering
  • Power industry - pendant kettles for electric power stations
  • Agriculture - spare parts of agricultural machines
  • Industrial processing - production of machines and of sets for tool, s fixing, safety valves, fittings, turbines
  • Hydraulic engineering - spring brakes of motor vehicles
  • Railway - spring shackles of track changings
  • General engineering - delimitation of compresion machine sets and devices

Control mechanisms

ČSN ISO 9001:2001

The technological production process is systematically controled with respect to the customers requirements. The whole production process with follwing testing of the products quality is managed by the systems ČSN EN ISO 9001. This system has been created and used by our firm.

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Produce spiral springs (springs wound) formed by heat. Finish springs: blasting – shot peening, powdered paint shop, paints.