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Agriculture engineering -
spare parts

The springs are hot - processed of all from us used spring steels including special abrasion resistant and boron steel.

The input material is applied as

  • Steel sheets thickness 2,0 mm – 40 mm.
  • Steel round bars diameter 12 mm – 40 mm.
  • Steel strips with width according to the requirement.
  • Steel Square bars diameter 14 mm – 40 mm.

As soon as hot-processing is finished springs are re-arranged and sucessively put to the test according to the load´s characterization.

The production technology lies in hot-forming and hot-alignment in the electric ovens which means the lower risks of decarburization. The single forming steps are carried out in jigs, or in stamping dies, in case of atypical shape manufacture are carried out manually.

The springs are manufactured in correspondence with special requirement of the customer with respect to the drawing documentation and submitted sample.

The springs are manufactured in length up to 2 000 mm. The tolerances designation is carried out on bases of agreement with the customer (the consulting of tolerances assessment concerning the assembly needs and operational features may be carried out just at the customer).

Spring utilization

The wide assortiment of exchangeable edge blades for soil ploughing.

Edge holders and the soil plow chisel holders.

Springing parts of seeders made of strip and square steel.

Springing parts of cultivators, combinators made of strip steel and round bars, applied for ploughing and soil aerating and disintegrating.

Wide assortment of disc equipped with smooth and composite (toothed) edge as well.

Various kinds of rotary harrow blades.

Hay tedders and sweepers springing parts.

Dung spreaders sectional driving belts.

Beet defoliator blades, beet harvester bars, weeders.

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Produce spiral springs (springs wound) formed by heat. Finish springs: blasting – shot peening, powdered paint shop, paints.